Activities at Rio Quijos Eco Lodge

Activities in the Ecuadorian reserve include: hiking, rafting, bird watching, mountain biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and kayaking.


Optional day-trips to the treasures of the Oriente:

Hiking in EcuadorReserve Nature Trails
Enjoy meandering through four inter-connected trails that take you from the river to the forest, observing the vast variety of native plants and birds and learning the medicinal herbs of the Oriente.
Rio Quijos scenic valleyReserve Ridgetop Trail
A half-day hike up the reserve ridge top with views of the entire Quijos Valley. There is ample opportunity to enjoy the birds, and a rare glimpse of the Andean bear – the oso anteojo.

Rafting in EcuadorQuijos River Rafting
Up to three days worth of world-class whitewater rafting on the Class III & IV Quijos River.

Hiking Cuea de los TayosCueva de los Tayos
The hike to the Cuevas takes you through beautiful jungle, and the cuevas filled with Tayo birds (oil birds). Early evening brings out a host of exotic birds of the Oriente, including the elusive Gallo de la Pena.

San Rafael FallsSan Rafael Falls
The treasure of the Oriente. The Quijos River becomes a 400ft+ waterfall that cascades down a lava canyon.

Hot Springs Guests RelaxingPappallacta Hot Springs
The perfect destination on your way to or from the Quijos Valley. The natural hot springs provide a relaxing way to unwind from the stress of Quito life.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing 
The Quijos River is home to rainbow trout. Elusive, but delicious. In addition, the Rio Borja and the Rio Cosanga are trout fishing settings as well. For the casual fisherman, the private Quijos River beach is just minutes away from the lodge and cabins. For the more serious angler, guided options are available.

HorseBack Riding in EcuadorHorseback Riding
Guided horseback riding excursions up the Borja Canyon.
Mt Biking in EcuadorMountain Biking
Guided and rental options available for mountain biking. Rides along the Quijos, or up the Oyacachi Valley.
bird gallo-de-la-penaBird Watching Retreats
Individuals can enjoy personal time locating regional birds of the Oriente; tanagers, inca jays, oropendulas, gallo de pena, mot mot and so many more. The lodge can be rented out for weekend and weeklong bird watching retreats.
Executive Retreat Options
The lodge can be rented for weekend and weeklong corporate retreats with full access to the lodge, kitchen, private beach, sauna and trails.
Yoga Retreat Options
The lodge can be rented out for weekend-end and weeklong yoga retreats, with full access to the private beach, sauna, lodge porch and sala.
Private Events
The lodge can be rented for ½ and full day events, executive meetings, weddings.

Immerse yourself into the flora and fauna of the reserve, experience an adrenaline thrill, hike the reserve ridge trail, or enjoy a day-trip to some of the treasures of the Oriente.

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