Beautiful, Quiet Setting in the Quijos Valley

The RíoQuijos EcoLodge offers private cabin rooms and lodge suites.  Nestled on the banks of the Rio Quijos, the lodge and cabins are surrounded by gardens filled with flowers, including native orchids, Reina de la Noche and Galan de la Noche  (both noted for their evening fragrance), and numerous species of bromeliads tucked into every tree bough.

Lodging Options

The lodge offers four cabin rooms that host 1-4 guests. Each has private entry, bath, hot shower and screened windows.  Two lodge suites with king-sized bed or double beds, private balconies, baths and hot showers. Breakfast, wi-fi, and use of private beach, nature trails, yoga platform and sauna are all included in your stay.

Special Events

For weddings, corporate retreats, and special events, our lodge and beach-side facility are perfect for private events that need a beautiful, quiet setting.

Gardens, Birds, Butterflies, Orchids

The gardens are planted to attract Ecuador’s large variety of birds – including hummingbirds,  and butterflies.   In addition the grounds are planted with bananas, lime trees, guanabana, yucca, avocado and medicinal plants from the forest. Beautiful birds famous in the Oriente nest in the trees, allowing you to bird watch from the lodge porches. There are four nature trails that allow for bird watching and studying the magic of the rain forest. Across the river is our 90+ acre reserve. The yoga platform overlooks the river. The cabins and lodge were built with materials found in the Oriente: Quijos River rock, bamboo harvested off the property, corcho wood known for its dark beauty and imperviousness to insects, as well as the decorative cabo de acho wood famous in the Oriente