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Antisana Volcano

Adventure is a given at Rio Quijos EcoLodge. All our activities are flexible to your needs and interests.


World Class Bird Watching: Individuals can enjoy personal time locating regional birds of the Oriente: including tanagers, inca jays, oropendulas, gallo de pena, mot mot. torrent ducks, sunbitterns and a large variety of hummingbirds. The lodge can be rented out for weekend and week long bird watching retreats. Contact us to schedule a custom guided trip with an expert in the field.

Hiking Our Nature Trails: Enjoy meandering through four inter-connected trails that take you from the river to the forest, observing the vast variety of native plants and birds and learning the medicinal herbs of the Oriente.

Rio Quijos Scenic Valley Reserve Ridgetop Trail: A half-day hike up the reserve ridge top trail opens up views of the entire Quijos Valley. There is ample opportunity to enjoy the birds, and a rare glimpse of the Andean bear – the Oso Anteojo and monkeys.

Tour de las Cueva de los Tayos: The hike to the Cuevas takes you down a beautiful jungle trail into a canyon that looks like a scene from Lost World. You end up in a cavern filled with the rare Tayo Birds (Oil Birds). Early evening brings out a host of exotic birds of the Oriente, including the elusive Gallo de la Pena. Half Day $25/pax, includes transportation and entrance fees.

Tour del Oriente: Cascada San Rafael, Cascada Malo, Cuevai de los Tayos. This is a trip you don’t want to miss! Full Day $40/pax – includes guide, transportation and entrance (minimum 2 persons).

Waterfalls: San Rafael and Rio Loco Waterfalls are treasures of the Oriente. The Quijos River drops over the 400ft+ San Rafael waterfall. Just upstream is the lovely Rio Loco waterfall. Just the drive to the waterfalls is breathtaking. Waterfalls Tours Half Day $30/pax, includes transportation and entrance fees.


Whitewater Rafting: The Quijos River is is class III/IV where we offer day trips, as well as week-long itineraries for the rafting enthusiast. Half Day $75/pax – includes guide, transportation and all gear (minimum 4 persons). For the more adventurous, Rafting y Cascadas Full Day $85/pax – includes guide, transportation and all gear (minimum 4 persons).

Fly Fishing: The Quijos River is home to rainbow trout. In addition, the Rio Borja and the Rio Cosanga are trout fishing settings as well. For the casual fisherman, the private Quijos River beach is just minutes away from the lodge and cabins. Gear rental and guided options available.

Horseback Riding: Guided horseback riding excursions up the Borja Canyon. Breathtaking views only experienced by horseback. $45/pax – minimum 2 persons

Mountain Biking: Guided and rental options available for mountain biking. Epic rides along the Quijos, or up the Oyacachi Valley. Full Day Tour – $85/pax, includes guide, transportation (minimum 2 persons). Rental Only – $25/pax