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Birdwatcher Paradise in the Oriente bio-diversity

The Quijos Valley is one of the best kept secret for birdwatchers and the Rio Quijos Ecolodge is a veritable paradise for birding on your own or with a knowledgeable guide.

Rio Quijos Ecolodge’s experienced guides can take you to wonderful locations to enjoy the best of birding and nature, our expert guides will take time showing and describing each bird as you walk along.

Individuals can enjoy personal time at the property locating regional birds of the Oriente, including tanagers, inca jays, oropendulas, gallo de pena, mot mot, torrent ducks, sunbitterns and a large variety of hummingbirds.

Ecuador is one of the world’s premier bird watching destinations and one of the most bio-diverse locations in the world, with over 600 bird species recorded here. Ecuador acts as a continuous corridor for migration between north and south America and is a meeting ground for seemingly unimaginable bio-diversity. Variation in temperature and rainfall and a wide range of elevations combine to produce the rich and varied vegetation that support the country’s wealth of birds.

Experience the natural beauty of the cloud forest without any crowds. Different birds can be spotted depending on the elevation and time of year. December through April the migratory birds are more abundant and active. Due to high food supply birds start mating and nesting.

Guided Birding Tours

The Rio Quijos Ecolodge Guides are happy to assist you with your technical questions about birds, locations, and other details in order to make your trip the best bird watching experience you could possibly have in this beautiful country. 

Marcelo, Birdwatching Guide

Born in the Cosanga Valley in the Oriente of Ecuador, Marcelo has been studying the birds of South America – and in particular, the eastern slope of Ecuador since he was a boy.  Marcelo has been a professional guide on the Western and Eastern slopes of the Andes, and is very knowledgeable about the tropical rain forest and the conservation of natural eco-systems.  Marcelo speaks English fluently and has an extraordinary knowledge of bird songs and calls, which enables him to find the most elusive species. He has a gifted ear for hearing even the smallest of birds in the dense fauna of the rain forest.  During his tour you will learn about the flora and fauna of the region, the area’s reserves and parks, indigenous communities and local history.

Guided Tours are available along the Quijos, or up the Oyacachi Valley. Full Day Tour – $85/pax, includes guide, transportation (minimum 2 persons).  

The Rio Quijos Ecolodge can be rented out for birdwatching retreats with packages that include Guided Birding Tours. We can also provide custom itineraries from one to multiple days. 

Deluxe 2-Day Birding Tour

Exploring the birds of the Oriente Region, focusing on the Paramo and Cloud Forest of the Quijos Region.

2-day Birdwatching Itinerary

Expedition 12-Day Birding Tour

Exploring the birds of the entire Oriente Region: from the Paramo to the Cloud forest to the Amazon Basin.

12-day Birdwatching Itinerary

12-Dias Pájaro Excursión

Explorando las aves de toda la Región Oriente: desde el páramo al bosque nuboso a la cuenca del Amazonas.

12-dias Itinerario Detallado


From the lodge we have easy access to the Paramo, the Andean Cloud Forest, the Upper Tropical Forests and the Amazon Basin which is the home to over 600 bird species. Our list of identified species continues to grow every year.